Client Testimonials

Best Lawyer Experience

I'm so thankful to have found Lambert Worldwide and I absolutely plan on using them again. The team was very professional, patient, and worked diligently in order to assist me with my request to rewrite contracts and review documents pertaining to my LLC. What started as a consultation quickly turned into a hire, and their fees were very reasonable even considering my hurried needs.

Tatiana B. - Alexandra Consulting (New York)

Amazing Service, Start-up Employee Docs

Lambert Worldwide was amazing in their service. Professional, fast, extremely value-add, prepared and intelligent. To elaborate:

I contacted Ben to review various documents for joining a start-up. Ben went through everything and sent a thorough markup the next day. Each comment was thoughtful and value-add; nothing superfluous. Our call to review the comments was a fantastic experience. Ben had backup and context for each of the comments. He did a great job distinguishing between must-haves vs. nice-to-haves. He explained the legal language I had questions on while also describing the impact of various outcomes.

I spent 6 years in investment banking in New York working with over 100 top-tier corporate lawyers at various levels. I can honestly say that Lambert Worldwide's services are at the same levels of service that I'd experienced with any top corporate lawyer I've ever worked with.

I would very highly recommend Lambert Worldwide to anyone.

Eric M. - Entrepreneur (New York)

Great Work, Knowledgable, Thorough

Lambert Worldwide was extremely helpful in working with my accountants and myself figuring out legal and tax options for a temporary ex-pat lifestyle. Ben was very prepared for our call, offered multiple options and suggestions, was clear and concise with his advice, and best of all, went above and beyond the original request. Can't recommend this firm highly enough!

Melissa T. - NYC Insider Guide (New York)

Great Lawyer, Highly Recommend

I hired Lambert Worldwide to help me with legal agreements for a program I'm running. They were responsive, timely, helpful, explained everything clearly to me, and made sure to address all of my concerns. I liked that he even provided a word doc version of the agreement they drew up for me so that it could easily be adjusted in the future. The team was sure to ask questions and make sure they had all the information he needed from me. Overall, I had a very positive experience working with the firm. Not only would I use them again, I highly recommend Lambert Worldwide. I've been left with the comfort of knowing that things have been properly taken care of and that I have the right legal agreements in place that I need to ensure my business is protected.

Specifically, Ben is very knowledgeable but also makes sure to be realistic and upfront with you - he doesn't tell you what you want to hear, he tells you what you need to know to make informed business decisions.

Ben also consulted with me regarding the registration of my business. The information he provided was very insightful and valuable. He gave me a clearer picture of what is involved in the process. I learned a lot from Ben that I didn't know before and that really helped guide me in my business decisions.

Kate S. - WiFly Nomads (Canada & Indonesia)


Since 1993

Just What I Needed

I needed help constructing a business plan for an entrepreneur's visa for the Netherlands. Not only did Lambert Worldwide help me quickly and efficiently, but Ben's advice in constructing my plan was just what I needed. He took into consideration what I wanted to express and accomplish and perfected and polished it. I'm so happy I went to Ben. He's a great international business lawyer.

Erin R. - Entrepreneur (Amsterdam)

Since 1993

International Subcontractor Agreements

Lambert Worldwide and I collaborated on a series of Subcontractor Agreements. I needed an international business lawyer to review and edit the agreements so that they would be applicable abroad. Not only did Lambert Worldwide fulfill that requirement, but they also added several other elements to the agreements that fit my business needs specifically. These  alterations were clearly to me and I was offered continued assistance and advice. I was very happy with their assistance!

Emily S. - BASEDtraveler Books & Media (UK & Malta)

My Bylaws Hero

Our company needed bylaws and Lambert Worldwide was referred to us. Ben and team were prompt and efficient and wrote great bylaws which would have taken us months to write. They also helped us write a consent form and knew exactly what was needed. Thank you, for the pleasure of working with you and for helping our company become established!

Julie B., New York Milk Bank (New York)

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